High-Voltage Current-Limiting Fuse

high voltage Brw Capacitor Protection Spraying Type thermal Fuse

XRNC, BRI, BR2, BRW, BRN, BRW2, BR, RN, RNYI, RNG, RW type fuses are used for the internal fault protection of a single capacitor combined with a star-connected capacitor in the power system of 10KV and below. The faulty capacitor can be disconnected reliably and quickly. In this way, explosion accidents that may be caused by component breakdown inside the capacitor can be avoided, and the power grid can continue to operate safely.

  • model: BRN,BRW,BR
  • material: Copper
  • Type: Fuse
  • Origin: China
  • Custom processing: Accept customized
  • Contact Email: wzshurong@163.com