Voltage Protector

Voltage protector

The 6-35kV combined composite jacketed zinc oxide arrester is a protective electrical appliance used to protect the overvoltage hazard above the insulation of power equipment. It is a new type of lightning arrester, which limits the overvoltage between phases and ground, and at the same time, it is effective for overvoltages between phases. To limit. One combined arrester can combine the functions of six ordinary arresters. The lightning arrester uses zinc oxide resistors as the main components, which have good volt-ampere characteristics and provide reliable protection for the supplementary protection equipment. It has been widely selected for power systems.

  • model: TBP
  • material: Composite material
  • Type: arrester
  • Origin: China
  • Custom processing: Accept customized
  • Contact Email: wzshurong@163.com