Removable Arrester

Removable arrester

The detachable arrester is a modified zinc oxide arrester for power distribution, which is cleverly installed on the drop-out structure of the drop-out fuse, so that the arrester can be easily detected with the help of an insulated pull-gate operating rod under the condition of uninterrupted power supply. Maintenance and replacement not only ensure the smooth flow of lines, but also greatly reduce the work intensity and time of power maintenance personnel. It is especially suitable for places that are not suitable for power outages such as post and telecommunications, airport stations, hospitals, and bustling commercial areas. The other performance of the product is the same as the power distribution type arrester. The second-generation drop arrester adds a disconnector. When an abnormality occurs in the arrester, the power-frequency short-circuit current is used to make the disconnector operate, so that the ground terminal of the disconnector is automatically disconnected, the arrester component falls, and the withdrawal prevents the accident from further expanding. It is easy for maintenance personnel to find out in time for repair and replacement. The falling principle is similar to that of a fuse fuse blowing and causing a fuse tube to fall.

  • model: YH5WS
  • material: Composite material
  • Type: arrester
  • Origin: China
  • Custom processing: Accept customized
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