Post Insulator

Post insulator

Post insulators are a special insulation control that can play an important role in overhead transmission lines. In the early years, pillar insulators were mostly used for telegraph poles. Slowly, many suspended insulators were hung on one end of the high-voltage wire connection tower to increase the creepage distance. They are usually made of silica gel or ceramics and are called insulators. Insulators play two basic roles in overhead transmission lines, namely supporting wires and preventing current from returning to the ground. These two roles must be guaranteed. Insulators should not fail due to flashover breakdown caused by changes in the environment and electrical load conditions. , Otherwise the insulator will lose its function, which will damage the use and operating life of the entire line.

  • model: ZJ
  • material: Composite material
  • Type: insulator
  • Origin: China
  • Custom processing: Accept customized
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