• Jiangxi Power Grid Installed UHV Lightning Arrester for the First Time

    China Southwest Net/News Zhong Jiabin and reporter Shen Guannan report: On April 18, the first UHV transmission line passing through Jiangxi-Sichuan Yibin to Zhejiang Jinhua ±800 kV UHV transmission line began an annual power outage maintenance , Before the summer electricity peak, a comprehensive "physical examination" is carried out in advance, and 10 sets of lightning arresters are installed for the first time to improve the lightning protection ability of the line and ensure the safe operation of the line. It is reported that the ±800 kV Binjin Line UHV transmission line starts from Yibin in Sichuan in the west to Jinhua in Zhejiang in the east, with a total length of 1670.8 rated value, rated voltage level of ±800 kV, and transmission power

    2021/07/14 曙熔 359

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