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Disassemble the high-voltage fuse XRNP, tell you why it is so cheap?

2021-07-14 13:07:59 曙熔

Anyone who talks about price without looking at quality is a hooligan! !

Recently, according to customer reports, the products sold on a website are the same as Shuguang fuses, but the price difference is large. ? So we plan to learn CCTV and get a XRNP1-10KV 0.5A fuse from a friend for disassembly. Next, we will do a product anatomy for you, and show you the mystery.

1. This is a XRNP1-10KV 0.5A, after testing, the weight is not much different from our factory


2. The copper cover at both ends has substitution marks on the left side, which is not smooth.


3. The material of the filler is suspected to be impure, with high hardness


4. The core process is very different. The Shuguang fuse has an inner cover, which firmly fixes the fuse in the middle, so that the fuse does not stick to the tube wall and prevents the tube from exploding due to uneven heating.

5. For fuses, Suguang fuses are made of unique fuse splicing technology. If an instantaneous peak occurs, it is more conducive to protecting important components. A friend is a fuse connecting the two ends, which is easy to cause the fuse to break and bend when the quartz sand is added to the landfill, and the force and heat are uneven.


6. Our engineers are veterans who have been producing high-voltage fuses for more than ten years and never cut corners. What is the most expensive in the 21st century? Senior staff. Therefore, a lot of cost savings can be achieved by fewer processes.


We are not just a factory, we can also help you develop fuses. The following are our products XRNT/XRNP/RN2/RM10/XRNM/drop-out fuse/explosion-proof fuse.

Suguang fuse, what you buy is assured! ! !