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Jiangxi Power Grid Installed UHV Lightning Arrester for the First Time

2021-07-14 13:08:08 曙熔


China Southwest Network/Jiangxi Headline Client Signal Zhong Jiabin and reporter Shen Guannan report: On April 18, the first UHV transmission line passing through Jiangxi-the ±800 kV UHV transmission line from Yibin, Sichuan to Jinhua, Zhejiang, began an annual power outage maintenance , Before the summer electricity peak, a comprehensive "physical examination" is carried out in advance, and 10 sets of lightning arresters are installed for the first time to improve the lightning protection ability of the line and ensure the safe and stable operation of the line.

It is reported that the ±800 kV Binjin Line UHV transmission line starts from Yibin in Sichuan Province in the west to Jinhua in Zhejiang Province in the east, with an interval of 1670.8 ranges, a rated voltage level of ±800 kV, and a transmission power of 8,000 MW. The Jiangxi section of Binjin Line is 449 feet long, with 909 base iron tower, passing through Wanzai County, Yifeng County, Shanggao County, Gaoan County, Fengcheng City, Nanchang City Jinxian County, Linchuan District, Dongxiang District, Yingtan City of Yichun City In Yujiang County, this year is the fifth power outage maintenance after the project was put into operation in 2014. The maintenance operations are generally carried out from 3 months to May each year, and the "physical examination" is carried out in advance for the peak power consumption period from June to September.

The reporter learned that this year’s power outage maintenance time is from April 18th to May 5th. The biggest highlight of the operation is the 10 lightning arresters of the equipment, mainly distributed in Shanggao, Fengcheng, Yujiang, Guixi, Yiyang and other land lightning phenomena. This is the first time UHV surge arresters have been used in Jiangxi Power Grid equipment, and DC surge arresters have also been used in equipment. This type of arrester is the latest new equipment developed in 2016, which can effectively prevent the UHV transmission tower from being struck by lightning and ensure the safe and stable operation of the UHV line.

In addition, this year’s overhaul operations replaced the previous “iron tower base crawling with wires passing inch by inch”. It was noted that the number boarded the 909 iron tower in Jiangxi, completed 449 kilometers of high-altitude wiring, and replaced drones at the same time. Manual line inspection operations.