• [Research] Electric vehicle high voltage fuse industry research report

    By 2020, China's electric vehicle fuse market will reach 2 billion US dollars.

    2021/07/14 曙熔 466

  • Arc-extinguishing drop fuse

    Outdoor drop type high voltage fuse The arc-extinguishing drop-out fuse is an outdoor drop-out high-voltage fuse that can safely interrupt loads up to 100 amperes and 10 kV.

    2023/06/19 曙熔 117

  • shuguang insulated enclosed jet fuse SRW-12/100A-12.5 launched

    The jet fuse is to install the melt in an insulating tube made of solid gas-producing materials. The solid gas-generating materials can be electrical reverse white cardboard or plexiglass materials. When the short-circuit current passes through the melt, the melt immediately melts and generates an arc. The high-temperature arc quickly decomposes the solid gas-generating material to produce a large amount of high-pressure gas, thereby fully insulating the ionized jet fuse, improving the insulation of the distribution network and reducing accidents. rate. Especially the urban distribution network completely solves the traditional guarantee of the effectiveness of the electrical performance of the equipment, and avoids the problem of the insulation resistance drop caused by the fuse due to fouling.

    2021/07/14 曙熔 139

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