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Arc-extinguishing drop fuse

2023-06-19 14:10:30 曙熔

Outdoor drop type high voltage fuse

The arc-extinguishing drop-out fuse is an outdoor drop-out high-voltage fuse that can safely interrupt loads up to 100 amperes and 10 kV.

Arc-extinguishing drop fuse

There is a main contact in its upper contact conductive device, an auxiliary contact capable of quick circuit breaking, and an arc extinguishing cover. The moment of turning on and off of the auxiliary contact is in the arc extinguishing cover. Under the condition of load and continuous fuse, after the fuse tube is opened, the main contact will be disconnected first, and the auxiliary contacts will move synchronously with the main contacts, but after the main contact is disconnected, it will be disconnected quickly after a period of delay. The arc generated by contact opening is confined and disappears in the arc chute. This product has a simple structure and can replace the high-voltage column oiling switch of 10KV/100A and below.

An outdoor drop-type high-voltage fuse capable of breaking a maximum load of 100 amperes and 10 kV load, which is composed of an insulating porcelain column, upper and lower contact conductive devices and a fuse tube, and is characterized in that, in the upper contact conductive device , there is an arc extinguishing cover, the active contact, the main static contact, the auxiliary moving contact, and the auxiliary static contact. The break and the instant of break are located in the arc chute.